Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Test Blog

Ok, you blog.  Don't be an asshole.  I have no idea why you are being difficult, but knock it off.  I'm supposed to be working, not fucking around with you, you dick.

New York, Old Boyfriend 2

A few years ago my ex took me to New York. It was his brother's 30th birthday. So, my ex and I flew and met his brother (and the brother's girlfriend), his mom and stepdad, and his dad. I had never been to New York so I was really excited. I mean New York City is one of the most notable, awesome cities in the world. A lot different than California. A lot of old history. The Statue of Liberty, Wall Street, The Empire State Building. Super interesting, right?

Well, my ex wasn't big on history or visiting historical landmarks. He was by no means a dummy- he was actually very smart, but his idea of fun was getting shit faced drunk. Which is the exact opposite from myself. I love history, I love learning about historical buildings, etc. I'm a nerd. Sure, I had a span of a few years where I'd go out drinking, but for the most part, that time in my life is over. Honestly, mainly because I can't take the terrible hangovers that accompany consuming large amounts of alcohol. But there was never a time where I wasn't interested in history and exploring new places.

We were only in New York for 3 days or so (this was like 4 years ago so I don't remember the details exactly). We did go to Central Park, Ground Zero, we saw Grand Central Station, Times Square, and the Financial District area (I can't remember right now...). Anyways, can you guess what else we did? Go ahead. You will never guess in a million years. WE WENT TO A MOTHER FUCKING BASEBALL GAME. It just so happened that the Mets were playing the Yankees. And he made us go. Fuck that shit. So, I like baseball and I like going to the games. But I only like going to A's games. I don't like either the Mets or the Yankees, so I didn't give a shit. And it was raining and cold- like see-your-breath-cold. It was May for Christ sakes. And of course we were both wearing flip flops. We were the only fucking people in the whole stadium who were wearing flip flops. I was miserable and I bitched the whole time. Boring as shit. We could've been visiting a museum or The Statue of Liberty (which I didn't get to see). But no, we went to a god damn baseball game. Fuck. You.

As I mentioned before, he loved to drink. So every night we'd go out for drinks, which I don't mind. A couple of drinks, good company-- hey, that's fine with me. I said a couple of drinks, not 101003, you fucking asshole. So one night we went to an Irish pub- which was pretty cool because I'm Irish. I digress, but my grandpa's dad who came from Ireland had a pub in New York, which is pretty cool. Anyways, I had a couple of drinks and it was good. His mom was actually really, really sweet, so I was having a good time. He, on the other hand kept drinking and drinking. Dumb ass. So, the bartender was from Ireland and the ex kept on trying to speak with an Irish accent. You fucking dumb asshole. First of all, you sound like a complete ass right now, secondly, you cannot speak with an Irish accent to save your life. You goddamn Guido (he was part Italian), stop trying to sound like a goddamn Mc!!!! It was excruciating.

So, we get back to our hotel. He was sloppy drunk, of course. He wanted to have sex (sorry if this is TMI) and if I haven't mentioned it before, I'll mention it again- it was the WORST in the world. Ever. And I'm not just saying that because we broke up. It was awful. Disappointing. Anyways, so guess what happened?! He FELL ASLEEP during!!! Umm. Not that I think I'm the greatest thing in the world, but Jesus Christ. The tv was on at the time and I remember that awful Sarah McLachlan commercial came on. You know the one "Angel" with all those poor kitties and pups looking all pathetic. Ugh. What a night.

So of course he wants to sleep in the morning and I want to see the city. Not a good combo, he and I.

Anyways, that's the fond memory I have of New York.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Selling The Past

My grandmother, Rebecca Goldie Granger, passed away in May.  I loved her very much and it has been extremely difficult. 
My dad and my uncle have been working non stop on preparing her house for sale since late May.  It has been a big project, as my grandma had her house for over 50 years.  Within that time, there was quite the accumulation of random things.  I grew up in that house, as did other family members.  As I walk through the now empty house, I remember my childhood.  I remember sitting in the tub taking a bath while my grandma waited patiently.  I remember the big wall heater, laying in front of it's warmth and comfort.  All of it is such a big part of me- all of the memories, the past, and my childhood is deeply rooted within the foundation.  Something I will never forget for as long as I live.

I thought it would be easy to have an estate sale.  I thought it would be easy to let go of seemingly unimportant things.  It's just "stuff".  I was thinking about how I wanted to get the new iPhone with the proceeds.  I was thinking it wouldn't be too bad to have a few extra dollars.  I now know that is easier said than done, however. 

I went to grandma's house tonight and it was very difficult to see her things piled up and in boxes.  Most of my grandma's possessions were forgotten about, long ago, even by her.  As I began sifting through the tangible remnants of her life, I found myself becoming weirdly attached to things that belonged to her and my grandpa.  I want to hold on to everything simply because it was hers- because she once held it.  Obviously, I can't keep everything, it's not feasible nor realistic.  Howerver, it's so hard to loosen my grip on my grandparent's past and their life in that house.

Anyways, I should get to bed now.  This is all a bit overwhelming and I feel almost frantic and anxious.  I have a big day ahead of me.  So help me, people better not act like assholes...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Things I Hate (Relating to Food) Part 2

I made PP write a blog about food she hates.  And although, her list is quite extensive, I have some oddities in my diet also.  This is a continuation of Things I Hate (Relating to Food) Part 1.   

Baby carrots.  They gross me out and they taste like shit.  It's like they weren't deemed as good enough or pretty enough to be whole carrots.  I bet they had to be whittled down into "babies" because the original carrot had rotten bits on it.

Bag salad.  I HATE lettuce that comes pre-washed and pre-cut in a bag.  It's disgusting.  It tastes funny- like plastic.  I HATE shredded lettuce that comes on deli sandwiches too.

Pre cut fruit/vegetables.  I don't know why I hate them.  I guess in my mind, they don't seem as "fresh" as if I cut them myself.  Hell yes, bitches, I can cut a fucking whole pineapple!!

Pre shredded cheese.  There is some type of flour-y type substance on it which keeps the cheese from sticking together.  It tastes funny.  I guarantee that you can tell the difference from freshly grated cheese and pre shredded cheese.

Milk.  I will only drink or use fat free milk.  I don't really care if you think it tastes like water.  It doesn't, you asshole.  I love it and I will NOT drink 2%-- I would rather die than drink whole milk.  Disgusting.

Tofu.  I'm with PP on this one.  I swear to God everyone says "it absorbs whatever flavors you want to cook with".  I'm sorry it's absolutely disgusting.  Barf.

Sweet potatoes.  Sorry mom.  I've tried them every god damn Thanksgiving and they make me want to barf every time.  Ewwwwww.

Mushy fruit.  It has to be firm.  Mealy, mushy apples are the absolute worst.

Rotten bananas.  I only like bananas that are barely ripe.  If there are any brown spots on it, ANY, I will not eat it.  Or... if it is so yellow that brown spots are just on the horizon.  NOPE. Soooo sick!! 

Vegetables in a can.  Need I elaborate?  Fucking nasty.

Ok, so I'd better save some foods I hate for part 3...