Wednesday, January 26, 2011

15 Facts- Little Known Or Otherwise

1.  I love saying eat shit and die.  I don't know why.  It's funny.  I mean really, would there be a more awful way to die?   Not only must you eat shit, but die afterwards.  How about skipping the eating shit part and just die?  I think I would prefer that. 

Uses:  For people/things that piss me off. 

Example:  Worked sucked today.  I wish it would eat shit and die.
Example:  That bitch just took my parking spot.  She should eat shit and die.

There are many uses and I enjoy them all.

2.  I'm afraid of the dark.  I always sleep with a light or the tv on.  I'm not exactly certain of what I'm afraid of, however.  Just darkness in general, I suppose. 

3.  Why can't I think of anything about myself?  Am I really that boring?

4.  I enjoy learning new things about a wide variety of subjects.  Well, except economics and politics and other lame topics I can't think of right now.

5.  I like to spoil people I care about and there's nothing I wouldn't do for them. 

6.  I'm a hopeless romantic, but hide it well.

7.  I HATE baby carrots.  The thought of them infuriates me.  DISGUSTING.  Just try to give me one... I may slap you.

8.  I have situational anxiety.  Please don't ask me to park in your driveway.  I can't explain it... certain things just freak me out.  Very irrational, I know.  I ran out of Ativan, so please be gentle.

9.  I'm very detail oriented.  If I tell you a story, I'll probably include what I wore that day, what I ate and anything else UNRELATED to the actual happenings of the story.

10. I hate cleaning, but when I do, I'm a maniac and everything has to be perfect.

11. I wish I knew more French.

12. I'd like to take a photography class.  But I'd have to take an Ativan first. 

13. I want a garden with lots of veggies.  I especially want potatoes so I can dig them up from the soil.  Why does that sound like sooooo much fun? 

14. I just want to enjoy the beauty in life- be close to nature and people.  I want to take the time to enjoy beautiful things in general and be thankful for them.  

15. I will learn how to crochet and/or knit one day.  And Laura isn't going to be the teacher because she yells at me and calls me dumb :(               

16. I really like to hug and cuddle.  I'm super affectionate.


  1. But you should really park in my driveway next time...
    oh yeah.. you're pretty super cute.. you forgot to add that in there.
    ... and that you're a good kisser. :)
    The end.

  2. Regarding #11: I know I like French Fries and French Toast. Does that count?

  3. @ Al Nooooo. I'm already well versed in french fries and/or toast. The language is what I'm mainly interested in.

    @ Anonymous Ohhhh dear...

  4. Darn! Or, as they say in French, "Le darn!"

  5. when i was in high school we did south pacific, and the character i played only spoke french and i always get this line stuck in my head "je parle francais, un peu" :P whyyyy can't i speak french??!! (especially since i still have your goddamn rosetta stone!!!!)
    also, i would totally dig up potatoes with you. #1) one of my fav foods. #2) i love gardening. just don't make me pick tomatoes.
    also, i love you.