Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ghosts or Aliens?

What are you more afraid of:  Ghosts or Aliens?  This has been a topic of conversation between my sister and I on more than one occasion.  I will present both sides, scientifically and rationally, of course, and you can decide for yourself which is scarier.  At the end of the blog, I shall reveal which scares me more (like anyone cares anyways).   

Ghosts:  What's the most they can do?  Move shit around and possibly manifest into a white, cloudy mist-- or more scary, an actual human form?  Or, stay invisible and you can only feel their creepy energy?  Watch over you while you sleep, wishing they were still amongst the living?  Angry because they are caught between two worlds- angry because they met an awful death-- maybe murder or suicide?  Wandering aimlessly, trying to find their way.  Lonely. 

Good ghosts (which are still creepy by the way), bad ghosts, Paranormal Activity ghosts?? Hell no.  They are all scary in my opinion.  SCARY.  Patrick Swayze and that goddamn penny??  Ummmm no.  Thousands upon thousands of reported sightings and hauntings.  Some credible, some not so much.      

Aliens:  Scary as shit.  Have you ever watched one of those programs about alien abductions?  How unsuspecting individuals wake up on a surgery table, bright light above their head, with the scary aliens looking down at them?  And do you know what they're doing?  Probing them.  Taking tissue samples.  Taking measurements.  Examining sexual organs.  Anal probing.  Oh yes.  Anal probing.  AND, what else?  They put gelatanous brown goo in your mouth.  Brown goo!!!

No, I've never been abducted, but I've watched plenty of documentaries on the subject.  Do I believe in aliens?  I think so.  I mean the universe is so vast that it seems a little naive to think humans are the only intelligent life form.  Don't you think?  Somewhere out there... but I sure as shit don't want to find out.  And I certainly don't want to be anal probed OR have brown (or any color) goo put in my mouth.  

We are always afraid of the unknown and what we don't understand.  Do these things really exist?  Yes, I believe so.  I'm open to the idea.  I'd actually love to see a ghost.  I actively try to seek them out- and is one of the many nerd activities I like to partake in.  I have yet to see one, but maybe one day...  Aliens on the other hand?  Get them the fuck away from me.  I want absolutely nothing to do with them or their creepiness and anal probing, sick ways.  AND they can abduct you?? Noooooo way.  I'm not a fan of aliens.  Ok, so there you have it, I'm more afraid of aliens.     

Now I'm too scared to go to bed...


  1. I've always said fire in the sky is the scariest movie I've ever seen!!!!!!! I prefer a Sam wheat ghost

  2. i'm most afraid of ghosts. i'm not convinced they're all harmless and the fact that they are dead feels creepier to me than an alive alien from another universe. although that movie "signs" holy shit. that was scary as fuck.

  3. You said it yourself: anal probing. Aliens hands down because ghosts have those little ectoplasm hands which cannot reach into my nether region.
    ET, my ass (no pun intended).

  4. I think I'm more afraid of Aliens, if there is evidence that they exist. After all, how are we the only ones in an entire solar system or galaxy that are breathing creatures? Plus, with all that science fiction has provided us with... you can move houses away from a ghost; you can't escape an alien attack on the world.